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MTN Begins It’s eSIM Test In Nigeria


    MTN have reportedly started it’s eSIM test in Nigeria. According to reports from MTN, the trial is expected to run a period of 1 year.

    The eSIM is an initialism for embedded SIM. The eSIM was basically innovated to deliver flexibility and ease. You do not need to insert an eSIM into your phone as it is already built into your smartphone, device.

    The eSIM test in Nigeria means, it is the first West African State to launch the new development. The one year trial period is to see how the eSIM will perform and if it will be appreciable in the market.


    Gone are the days where we had physical SIMs. It first started from the Standard Sim, later advanced to the Micro SIM, followed by the Nano SIM and now the eSIM. You can now see the series of evolution the SIM card have undergone overtime.

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    According to MTN, the eSIM will be compatible to certain devices as not all phones will support the new development.

    Below are the list of smartphone devices that will be compatible for the eSIM.

    Google: Pixel 3, 3 XL
    Pixel 4, 4 XL

    Apple: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max
    iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR

    Samsung: Samsung S20 series.

    Yeah, as stated clearly, above are the compatible smartphones for the eSIM.

    How To Activate An eSIM

    For now, MTN is the only network carrier in Nigeria that is currently running a test on the eSIM. So for you to activate an eSIM, You’ll need to visit any MTN stores nationwide. There, their customer care agents will check your device if it is eligible for eSIM, and if eligible, they will walk you through the setup process. 

    Benefits Of The eSIM

    The eSIM comes with flexibility and ease of SIM usage. Below are the benefits

    • The eSIM tend to give you the ability to have more than 1 SIM linked to your smartphone
    • Your SIM is built into your phone.
    • No cutting of SIM cards
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