How to activate and deactivate MTN callertunez service

How To Subscribe/Activate & Cancel or Deactivate MTN Callertunez Service 2022 | Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Uganda

MTN Callertunez service otherwise known as ringback tunes is a service that allows your callers to hear a ring tune whenever they call you.

Since its inception years ago, the service has witnessed substantial growth in the telecommunication sphere as a lot of people prefer to thrill their callers with their favorite song when they call them.

Once the MTN callertunez service is activated, it will now replace your default ring tune hence making your callers hear a customized song that you chose as your caller tune.

But then, despite the entertaining feeling presented by MTN callertunez service, the service could sometimes turn out to be demanding for anyone. When this experience sets in your love for the service could deteriorate.

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That’s why in today’s post, I will be taking you through all you need to know about the MTN caller tonez service, how to activate or subscribe to the MTN callertunez service, as well as how to cancel or deactivate MTN callertunez.

So without taking all your time giving you many write-ups, let’s simply stir to the main business.

MTN Caller tunes Price and duration

The MTN callertunez services come in two types. One is the weekly service, while the other is for one month. Each with its price. Below is the full package.

PriceSubscription Validity
N207 Days
N5030 Days

1:How to subscribe or activate MTN callertunez service in Nigeria

Activating the MTN callertunez service in Nigeria is as simple as ABC. Much isn’t needed from your end. All you need to do is just follow the steps and instructions that I will be conveying to you.

To make it easy or effortless to activate the MTN callertunez, I will be showing you four direct methods which you can use to subscribe or opt-in for the callertunez service.

The methods are listed below

  • Via USSD code
  • Via SMS
  • Via MTN Official website
  • Pressing 1 from a called party

1.1: How To Activate MTN callertunez via USSD code

One of the easiest methods out there through which you can subscribe or activate the MTN callertunez service is via USSD code.

To get started on this, simply open your phone dialer and dial the code *4100#. It will pop up a menu.

You can now activate any song available on the list as your caller tune with the corresponding number. You can also open the hot tunes section to see some hot tunes that are available.

If your desired song is not available, you can perform a callertunez search. You can either search for the song by the artist name or music title.

Note that not all current music is available in the MTN callertunez service.

1.2: How to activate MTN callertunez via SMS

To activate the MTN callertunez service using this means, simply send the Tune code to 4100 via text message.

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A response will be sent to you afterward if your caller tunes service activation was successful or not successful.

1.3: How to activate MTN callertunez service via the MTN site

Another way which you can use in activating or subscribing to the MTN callertunez service is through the men callertunez site.

To opt in to the callertunez service using this means, quickly visit

All available callertunez are made public there, so you can now choose your preferred tunez.

1.4: How to activate MTN callertunez by pressing 1 from a called party

This method is one of the quickest ways of activating MTN callertunez.

To use this method, simply press one 1 when prompted while the caller tune is playing to activate the caller tune.

I.e when you dial any number and you hear the message ” to copy this tune press 1″ quickly press 1 if you want the song as your caller tune to get it.

How to cancel or deactivate MTN callertunez service in Nigeria

If you are now tired of the weekly or monthly fee that is incurred from the MTN callertunez, or you mistakenly subscribed to the service and you want to end the service, you can take the following measures to cancel, stop or deactivate MTN callertunez service.

To cancel or deactivate MTN callertune service, send the word CANCEL to 4100 via text message to stop the MTN callertunez service.

2: How To activate MTN callertunez service in South Africa

For South Africans, you can easily activate the MTN callertunez service by simply dialing the code on your phone *123*5# and follow the on-screen demand.

Alternatively, you can activate the service by visiting

2.1: How to deactivate MTN callertunez service in South Africa

For South Africans, to cancel or deactivate MTN callertunez service, simply dial “123*10# and follow the screen prompt.

Or you can stop the service by sending “STOP” or “OPT OUT” to 083 930 0639 via text message to cancel the service.

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3: How to Activate MTN callertunez service in Ghana

Activating the MTN callertunz service in Ghana is very easy.

To subscribe to the callertunez service in Ghana, follow the instructions below.

  • Open your phone dial app
  • Dial *1355# on your phone
  • Follow the instructions on the screen
  • And then finally select your favorite song

Alternatively, dial 1355 and follow the voice prompt. Or you can visit

3.1: How to deactivate MTN callertunez in Ghana

To stop the callertunez service send STOP to 1355 via text message and the service will be cancelled for you.

Or you can call the MTN customer care service number where you can speak with a customer care agent or representative by calling 100.

4: How to activate MTN callertunez in Uganda

For MTN Uganda subscribers, to activate a callertune service, simply dial *170# and follow the prompts.

Or you can SMS the word ‘TUNE’, followed by a space then the CallerTune code e.g., ‘TUNE 5151675’ to 170.

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4.1: How to deactivate MTN callertunez in Uganda

To delete caller tune on mtn uganda line

  • Open your phone app and dial *170#
  • Select option 4 which is “Delete”
  • Enter caller tune code and confirm delete of the caller tune

How much does Callertunez cost?

Service costs N50/30 days or N20/7 days for each tune downloaded.

How often can I change the songs in my personal library?

You can change the songs in your personal library as often as you want.

Do I pay for every change of song in my personal library?

Yes. Every new tune downloaded attracts a download fee.

What is the maximum number of songs I can have in my personal library?

You can have a maximum of 10 songs in your personal library.

How do I auto-renew my song(s)?

Choose the auto-renewal option when you receive the confirmation message when subscribing to a tune.

How do I delete a tune from my library?

Send “del+tunecode” to 4100 to delete a tune. For Example, del702439 to 4100.


That is all you need to know about the whole deal surrounding the MTN callertunez service, how to activate and as well deactivate it.

If you found this guide to be of help to you, do well to drop your comments below.

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