Get 1GB Free Data On Airtel valid for 3 days

Airtel is back once again with another whopping free data offer for it users. This time around, Airtel users can get 1GB free data on Airtel for just doing a small task.

Just like other networks, Airtel recently launched their all in one self care app which will enable it’s users perform self care services like topping up of airtime, buying of data, transfer of airtime and other personal services.

Meanwhile The Airtel 5000mb cheat is still blazing. Alongside the 9mobile 2.5GB cheat valid for 1 month.

Now, in a bid to bring more customers to know about the My Airtel app, and also make use of the app, Airtel now gives a promising reward of 1GB free data to it users when they download and sign up with the My Airtel app. Read below to see how to get the 1GB free data on Airtel.

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Requirements for the 1GB Free Data On Airtel

Like I said earlier, you just need to do a small task to get the 1GB free data. Below are the little requirements;

  • A registered and valid Airtel Sim
  • And Android or iOS phone
  • Download the My Airtel App.
  • Make sure the Airtel SIM is inserted into the phone you want to use for the My Airtel app registration.

How To Get the 1GB Data from Airtel

To get the business running, simply download the Airtel App from the Google Play store. [DOWNLOAD HERE]

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  • After downloading the App, launch it and follow the below steps to get the free 1gb data on Airtel.
  • After launching the just downloaded My Airtel app, input your Airtel number. Make sure you omit the first zero on your number, and after doing that, click “Request OTP”. A One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your number.
  • When the OTP is sent, it will automatically verify and sign you up immediately. After that, you will get your 1GB free data from Airtel.

What To Take Note Of When Trying To Sign Up For The 1GB On Airtel

Please take note of this things as to when or before signing up with the My Airtel app;

  • Make sure the Airtel number you are using to sign up is in the phone. This is because, once you request for an OTP, Airtel will immediately send you the One Time Password (OTP) and will automatically verify the OTP so if the number you are using to sign up is not inserted in the phone, the Auto verification will fail and won’t be able to sign you up. So make sure to insert the Airtel Sim into the phone you will be using before signing up.
  • It might take within or up to 24 hours for you to receive the data from Airtel.

Please drop your comments below In case of any complaints and we will deal with the issue instantly.

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