Download GTA San Andreas Cheats File For Android [JCheater San Andreas Edition apk]

Download GTA San Andreas Cheats File For Android [Jcheater San Andreas Edition APK 1.5MB]

The GTA San Andreas cheats file houses all the various cheat codes that can be used to enhance gameplay in the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game. We all know how challenging it could be to pass certain missions or levels in the GTA San Andreas action game particularly the time-based missions, driving/racing missions, or the heavy fire levels that require enough weapons and health.

That being said, the GTA San Andreas cheats file apk becomes a must-have for San Andreas gamers who would love to pass several difficult missions in the game using tricks. The cheats file is known as the Jcheater: San Andreas edition apk. In the context of this post, I will be using GTA San Andreas cheats file or Jcheater San Andreas edition apk interchangeably. They both mean the same.

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This post will provide you with the latest version of the GTA San Andreas cheats apk and how you can apply or use cheats in the game on your Android device.

Features of the Jcheater San Andreas Edition APK

According to the app developers, the Jcheater San Andreas edition app is an unofficial third-party application designed to provide cheats for the Android version of the GTA San Andreas game. All the cars and weapons that usually require lots of time to complete missions can now be unlocked instantly. No need to spend endless hours upgrading stats when you can now set them yourself. This app brings a completely new experience to the game.

The JCheater apk is a paid app on Google Play Store. So to get it you will have to buy the application. But the one here is absolutely free. So basically you won’t be paying anything to get it.

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Where to download the GTA San Andreas Cheats file [Jcheater San Andreas Edition APK]

It is imperative to note that the JCheater apk doesn’t come with the GTA San Andreas game. You can quickly get the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game if you don’t have it installed on your device.

Downloading the GTA San Andreas cheats file is very easy and quick. Thanks to its small package size. So to get the Jcheater San Andreas apk, simply click the download button below.

After downloading the cheat file, go ahead and use the cheat on the game. For those of you who do not have a basic idea of how to apply the GTA San Andreas cheater to the game, then follow the steps below to achieve that.

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How to apply cheats on the GTA San Andreas game using the Jcheater San Andreas Apk

Setting up cheats on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is very easy. To begin,

  • Go to Carl Johnson’s (CJ’s) house and save the game in a new slot
  • Open the Jcheater San Andreas cheater app and select the slot you just saved the game to
  • Depending on your preference, select the cheats you want to use and then press save
  • Go back to the GTA San Andreas and press the Start Game button NOT Resume
  • Press Load Game button
  • Finally, select the same you applied the cheats to and enjoy the game!

If you are not satisfied with the explanation above you can check out the video tutorial below for further insights on how to apply cheats on GTA San Andreas using the cheater apk.

General Cheats Include 

  • Infinite health
  • Infinite armor
  • Max money
  • Infinite sprint
  • Never wanted
  • Upto 6 star wanted level
  • Taxis have NOS (Boost)
  • Toggling ON/OFF riots
  • Increase your Stamina, Body Fat, Muscle, Command Respect etc

Weapons include 

  • Thug set
  • Professional weapons set
  • Mini gun
  • Parachute

Vehicles include 

  • Rhino (Army Tank)
  • Hydra (Fighter Jet)
  • Hunter (Army Helicopter)
  • Bullet (GT40 Super car)
  • Monster truck

Final thoughts

The JCheater San Andreas Edition apk is all you need to activate various kinds of cheats in the GTA San Andreas game. The cheat works like magic with zero hassle. The Cheater apk supports virtually all Android versions like Android 10,9,8,7 etc. However, they have been recent complaints from Android 11 users that the app crashes on their devices.

This is yet to be confirmed by me, so if you experience any glitches while trying to make the most of the app, quickly drop your feedback below for further assistance. Other than that, enjoy your Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game with the aid of the JCheater app!


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