MTN 500mb free browsing cheat via Techoragon VPN Lite

MTN 500MB Free Browsing Cheat Via Techoragon V2Ray VPN

Introducing the new and latest MTN 500MB free browsing cheat via Techoragon V2ray VPN.

A couple of months ago, we did enjoy the MTN daily 500MB cheat that was tunnelled from the free 500MB which was given to MTN subscribers to browse on selected eLearning sites.

But the enjoyment of the free data was short-lived as it was blocked by the ISPs after being reported.

But now, it seems we are now going to enjoy the MTN 500MB free browsing cheat again after some means were reintroduced to circumvent the system.

The new MTN 500MB free browsing cheat is now active at the moment.

But then, it should be worth noting that if the first 500MB cheat was blocked by MTN, then this one should not be an exemption. To be honest with you guys, the cheat can be blocked at any time. Kindly put that in mind.

You can do yourself better by joining our telegram channel in order to stay updated on the latest free browsing cheats, config files etc.

So let’s just enjoy the free data while it lasts.

The free 500MB is gotten from the daily 500MB that is issued to all MTN customers to browse on selected e-Learning sites.

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Apparently, you can’t use the 500MB data to browse on your preferred or favourite sites, chat or even download. The data can only be used to browse on selected educational sites which are of no interest to you.

But with the introduction of the Techoragon V2RAY VPN, you will be able to power the 500MB to surf the net, chat, and even download etc. With that being said you should now understand the basics of the MTN free 500MB cheat.

Let’s quickly check out the basic requirements in order to activate the MTN 500MB free browsing cheat.

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Quickly download the stipulated VPN and proceed with the final configuration phase.

How to activate the MTN 500MB free browsing cheat

Open or launch the Techoragon V2RAY VPN that you Installed from Google Play store and configure it as follows.

On the menu, tap on the button at the top left corner and then click Check Updates. At this moment, make sure you have a little data like 3MB for you to load the tweaks.

After a successful update, the tweaks will now appear on the menu.

Scroll down the list of tweaks, you will see MTN 500MB eLearning 1 & 2 tweak. Select any of the tweaks and hit the connect button.

When it connects, minimize and enjoy your free 500MB browsing cheat.

Upon successful connection, MTN might send you a notification saying that you have received free 500MB to browse on selected e-Learning sites. The notification should look like the one in the image below.


  • The MTN 500MB can be blocked at any time. Save that in your memory!
  • If it doesn’t connect on the first trial, exit the VPN, turn on and off airplane mode, and then reconnect. Do this anytime you experience connection issues.
  • Also, note that you can keep track of your usage of the 500MB from MTN by dialling *131*4#.
  • The 500MB is issued when you connect to the VPN.
  • The 500MB data expires at 11:59 pm the same day and doesn’t accumulate if not used.
  • Every day comes with its unique 500MB data, so make the most out of it.

Do drop your comments below in case you experience any issues. Enjoy the free data, and share it with your friends. Also, remember to join our Telegram channel.

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